About Us

Nearly 20 years ago, Dri-Design began its existence, humbly, in the back of a small shop, being manufactured by hand.

It was not created by a large panel manufacturer as a way to grab more market share, but rather by a single small business as a way to address significant shortfalls we saw in the metal panel systems we had been using for decades. A system invented from research and development based on real life experience of over 30 years, selling and installing many other systems. Our timeline also provided a history long enough to watch and see how the existing systems aged and performed, long term. During that time, experiences with other panel systems included delamination, staining due to the effects of weather on joint sealants and gaskets, rising costs of production, inefficient installation practices, and a general lack of color, texture and design options.

There had to be a better way…

So, with new ideals in mind, we began developing Dri-Design in the mid-90s. We were folding metal in our shop, origami style, to try and create a system that would not be burdened with the same flaws of previous metal panels. We were working to combine beautifully simple design with new objectives about the way a system could perform, both at the time of installation and for decades later.

The result of our meticulous engineering was a style of metal wall panel system that had not existed previously. It was, and is, a 100% recyclable, pressure equalized rain-screen, architectural metal wall system that attaches to nearly any substrate without the use of clips or extrusions. It is not laminated, nor a composite material, so panels will never delaminate. It doesn’t require joint sealants, gaskets, or butyl tape, and therefore eliminates the staining and maintenance associated with them. It is manufactured efficiently and installs faster than any comparable product, saving time and money. Additionally, Dri-Design’s patented design has passed the most stringent air, water and structural testing requirements in the industry, including the AAMA 508-07 test for pressure equalized rain-screens, as well as Miami-Dade County hurricane testing.

All of this in a system that provides nearly endless design possibilities, with an unlimited palette of colors, finishes, materials, textures, and custom perforations, including imaging.

Dri-Design hits the mark where both form and function meet.