With our Embossed Panel, there is essentially no limit to the design possibilities or applications. Almost any shape or feature, convex or concave, can be embossed into the Dri-Design panels to create a distinctive, three dimensional accent.

Technical Information

  • System Depth

    1 ¼” – 4” nominal, including tapered and shadow

  • Material

    Aluminum, VMZINC®, Copper and Stainless Steel

  • Material Thickness

    Varies based on material type

  • Panel Joints

    ½” nominal standard
    (1/8” – 1” available)

  • Finish

    Available in all Dri-Design finishes

  • Weight

    Varies based on material type

Maximum Panel Sizes

Panel Sizes

Please refer to a specific material section on the products page for the correct size parameters of the material you intend to use. Dri-Design can be formed from many materials such as Zinc, Aluminum, Copper and much more.