Shadow Series

Gone are the days of flat and featureless facades. Our Shadow Series panels let you add depth and definition to any architectural design. Individual panels can be extended at varying depths to create texture or a dynamic variation in patterns, all while keeping the substrate and weather barrier in the same plane.

Technical Information

  • System Depth

    1 1/4” – 4” for aluminum and 1 1/4” – 3” for VMZINC®

  • Material

    Aluminum and VMZINC®

  • Material Thickness

    .080” for aluminum, 1 mm and 1.5 mm for VMZINC®

  • Panel Joints

    1/2” nominal

  • Finish

    Available in all Dri-Design finishes and colors

  • Weight

    Varies based on material type

  • Finish Warranty

Maximum Panel Sizes

Panel Sizes

Please refer to a specific material section on the products page for the correct size parameters of the material you intend to use. Dri-Design can be formed from many materials such as Zinc, Aluminum, Copper and much more.


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