East Side Human Services

As part of the “BUILDING A BETTER DENVER” Bond Program, the new Denver Eastside Human Services facility serves qualifying applicants residing in the eastern portions of the city.  The site for the striking new 54,000 sq. ft. building was previously an unused industrial lot but is now thriving in service of an estimated 80,000 individuals.  The facility provides family and adult assistance services as well as comprehensive child welfare programs.

Gen 3 LLC installed approximately 23,000 square feet of Dri-Design wall panels as an integral design component.  The .080” aluminum panels were finished in Ultra Pure White and Amber Wave.

In keeping with the objective of the Better Denver Bond Program to invest in infrastructure and to enhance and construct city facilities that touch lives, the Eastside Human Services Building is designed to engage the populous while providing needed services.

Architectural design was provided by RNL Design, Denver.  “The social aspect of the building was one of the drivers,” according to Dominic Weilminster, a project designer.   “We worked closely with the local community in the early design stage and took great care to mitigate the scale of the building in relation to the single family homes in the area.  At the same time, we wanted a dynamic design that would become a vibrant point for the community around it.  That building has clearly become a source of pride in an underserved neighborhood.”

The Dri-Design panels interface with a significant amount of glass to provide openness and transparency in the public spaces.  “We wanted the building to have a community center feel,” Weilminster said.

This project was the architect’s first experience with Dri-Design.  “While we sought a dramatic design, we also had the normal budget constraints.  We had to make material choices that were economical.  The Dri-Design system was very competitive cost-wise,” according to Weilminster.  “We also liked the range of panel sizes and the easy replaceability of panels should one become damaged.”

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