INS Bank

INS Bank expanded its reach in Tennessee with the recent opening of another branch in Brentwood, a Nashville suburb. The new branch has a strong professional appearance with the addition of VMZINC® Series Panels by Dri-Design. The design team at MJM Architects, Nashville, worked with the owner’s initial design concept for the building.

Over 5,600 square feet of Pigmento Brown Zinc 1.5-mm VMZINC panels were installed. Once the initial layout measurements were taken by the installers, the panels were installed bottom to top and left to right sequentially. The perimeter attachment surface was formed into the metal.

VMZINC Dri-Design Panels pull from the distinctive tones and textures of nature to create an exclusive, refined and unforgettable visual experience. The Pigmento Series colors bring a palette of mineral hues to a design. Modern pigment technology creates a naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc in a Dri-Design panel. Dri-Design panels do not use sealants, gaskets or butyl tape. The panels are not laminated nor a composite, so they will not delaminate. Installation is efficient with the interlocking panel system.

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