Environmental Footprint

At Dri-Design we strive to continually improve our sustainability practices and products through innovation. We are dedicated to developing sustainable products while looking at all aspects of the environmental impact.

Made Local

Dri-Design purchases its aluminum from domestic mills which saves transportation energy costs.

No Silicone Sealants

Dri-Design uses no joint sealants or gaskets which are made with petroleum saving fossil fuels and future maintenance costs.

Recycled and Recyclable

Dri-Design wall panels are made with recycled metal, are 100% recyclable and can be repurposed.

Efficient Manufacturing

Dri-Design panels are made quickly with highly automated equipment…saving energy costs.

Quick Install

Dri-Design wall panels install fast which helps save energy as well.

No Plastics

Dri-Design single skin technology does not have a plastic core like our MCM competitors….saving fossil fuels.


Our Kynar paint providers are environmentally-conscious finishers. They use a 100% air capture system and destroy the VOCs with a regenerative thermal oxidizer, so there is no adverse environmental impact.